Celebrating baby first year with a Cake Smash

Cake Smash are the best way to celebrate your baby's first birthday which has been so special... not only because it might have been a little tuff but specially because this little person has change your life for good.

Some parents decide to do this instead of a birthday party. That's the reason why I create a unique and special setup for each baby. This way parents can have great pictures and baby lots of FUN!

Cake Smash are held at my home studio on 64th & Broadway. They are usually done after baby's first nap so they are ready to play and a little hungry to eat. It last 35 minutes but you will be a total of 1hs. The session has two stages: shoot of baby with the set up, playing with O-N-E letters, standing and later with cake and the funny experience of smashing.  

For the end of session you can add a bubble bath... SO MUCH FUN!

If you are interest in booking don't hesitate to contact me as I will make your little one and you have a great time!

 ENJOY some of the pictures form  last cake smash... 





cake smash set up
cake smash
cake smash
cake smash
cake smash
bubble bath