When choosing props I always consider various things. To begin prop must be SAFE FOR BABY been this the most important point. They must be stable, use excluvesily for newborn session and have the correct measure for baby to fit.  I always bear in mind they are produce at smoke and pet free homes as I never know if my clients may be allergic. 

Most of the colors are neutral colors. I love grey, blues, green, creams, browns and off white for boys as well as mint, pink, purples and lilac for girls.

All wood box, buckets, wood nest, need to be well done and no nails can be seen, of course when preparing the set ups I always  layer up so baby doesn't have direct contact with the props, is comfy and safe. I also have rustic trays, fabric nest, lovely dreamweaver bowl and crochet nest. My beautiful wood floor backgrounds give the final touch together with the headbands or bonnets which are delicate and unique.

I will write soon a post about baby safety when posing and so many shoot which are compose, but for now I like to show just some of the props I have...


Photographing Twins

I'm always blessed to have so many babies coming to my studio or meeting them at their home for a newborn session. This time I was double blessed with this two beautiful twin brothers. Liam & Luca rock their session! I was able to pose them and have them in different cute set ups which their parents have chosen for them. 

When doing twin session is very important to do it before they are 10 days because babies are more sleepy and still flexible making it better for posing specially being two. I create different set ups, for both baby together and also for them alone as I think that even though they are twins they should have their own pictures because they are two different persons. 

Love having parents assist me in this session, they are the best ones to hold babies and they both enjoy the session as they, of course are part of it.

Here is a sneak pic of LIAM & LUCA, Enjoy!



Twins FAP
twins fap
twins fap
twins fap


Newborn sessions are all about the new baby, but is also about the new family. When photographing newborn I always take the time to make beautiful photos of the whole family and photos of the siblings. Of course is a special time for that big brother or big sister which the world have totally change for them. So with patience and some tricks I get those magical pictures for their parents. 

But how to go ahead with a newborn session when toddlers are running around, shouting and maybe crying... when baby needs to sleep and mom to be relax so she can enjoy the session. Well it can be tough that's why before I start I have those little hands helping me, they love to be helpers! and when photo shoot begins they are the first ones to start doing the sibling pictures and follow later with the family ones. This way they are free to go and play, I can start with the baby and what is most important parents already got their precious family in a picture!



flor aversano ph

Workshop with Kelly Brown.

This past week I had the opportunity to participate in Washington at a newborn photography workshop with the amazing Kelly Brown, Australian photographer.

It was a one day course where 12 newborn photographers actualized on new techniques, talk about baby safety, exchange ideas and learn from the best photographer worldwide, it was a great experience!

Back in New York with my beautiful baby clients and looking forward to introduce all the new knowledge in my newborn sessions.

flor & kelly brown sooc