The Newborn Session takes around two hours and a half but I always say that babies are my guide, so I follow their timing meaning it could last a little bit longer. 

I’m a mother so I know how to handle babies, but I like parents being in the session as they are my favorite assistants.

The photo shoot includes photos of the baby in different poses with props and backgrounds and also photos of the baby with the mother. I try to keep a natural style but I am open to parents suggestions.

Please bear in mind that  safety of the baby comes first so I will never push a baby to do poses that can make him/her feel unconfortable. 

Newborn photography has best results when the baby is between 5 and 10 days old, because they are good sleepers, meaning they let me shoot more poses, but also because they have a clear skin. 

It is important to book the session in advance when the mother is still pregnant so I can have the space available when the baby is born.

Photos can be done in my HOME STUDIO on the Upper west side or  they can be taken in the confort of your own home.


The Family Session is done at the park (weather permitting) or at my home studio in the Upper West Side.

Throughout the photo shoot,I will  suggest poses and I will be changing backgrounds. I may include some props to make the session original and unique.

At the end of the session you will have pictures of the whole family, couple, children and also some portraits.

Is always a good idea to renew your family photos with a pro… 

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The cake smash session takes place  when the baby turns ONE.

A great year has passed and a photo session is a perfect way to remembering this. 
The idea  is the baby trying his/her first birthday cake. 

We provide the setting at my studio and the theme is chosen by the parents.

Beautiful and unique cakes are provided by Malena Cake Design. Parents may also chose to bring their own cake.

Photos of the baby and the theme setting are taken before, during and after the cake is smashed. (Siblings are an additional fee)




The Baby Grow Session captures the baby in two different moments. At 3 to 4 months, when babies begin developing unique facial expressions and at 6 to 7 months when they start seating on their own. 

This session is especially enjoyable to me, because it gives me the opportunity to witness the growing relationship between a mother and a child.



I highly recommend doing the maternity session when the mother is between 28 to 34 weeks because usually the belly is round. Some mothers prefer to do it later or others before, is up to you. The idea is to do the session and make you feel great, to enjoy it and know that you will look gorgeous!